What is a bookworm to do when they get their hands on a crap book?

This is a thought that crosses my mind almost every day. Obviously, we read a lot so when we come across a “bad” book, what do we do?

I love to read. I love to get absorbed into those pages, feeling and breathing the air of a different world, but sometimes… occasionally… we come across a bad book. You make it a page in. You’re thinking , “meh.” You get a chapter in and you are like , “where the hell is this going!?”

We have all been there before. The book is boring, or strange or just not your sort of thing. So, what do you do. I know some people preserver, but personally… I ditch it. If the author has not managed to get me hooked within the first few pages, I’m out. Sorry, not sorry.

But, what if it is a really popular book. It has recently been made into a movie and you, you just cant get into it. Are you a leper? Are you bloody weird because you don’t like something that everyone else absolutely loves? No… it’s okay. Ssshhh… it’ll be okay. Maybe.

I am a pretty patient person. But with crappie tv shows, politics and books, i do get a short fuse. Life is short! And my TBR list is growing by the minute (I love goodreads) I don’t have the time for bad books … or do I?

I fricking love reading. I read everywhere. On the couch, in my bed, outside, inside… in the car. Yes. In the car.

Now, I have seen some crazy people actually reading the car; book

spread eagle on the steering wheel like a common… book. But that is not what I am talking about. I am talking about audiobooks.

If you have not yet jumped onto the audiobook train. It is time! Open your app store and download Audible right  now. Poor? Get librivox. It is free and it’s selection is limited but you can listen to all the classics you pretend that you have read (don’t lie we all have them!) 

I find that this is extremely helpful when you can’t get through a book you want to read, but just can’t.

Audiobooks are so easy. You can just press play and listen to them on the way to work. Trust me. All that mid-morning traffic will just melt away. That fat guy with bad BO on the train, he ain’t there! You are just with Mr Darcy floating along on your cloud of awesomeness.

But what happens when you don’t like the audiobook either. This has happened to me a couple of times. The reader’s voice just grates on your ears and you just want to scream if they say another word… its okay!

Read the book. Try it again. I guarantee that after you have tried listening and you didn’t like it, you will totally enjoy reading it more.

If not, I am sorry, but you will just have to watch the movie and pretend like the rest of us! Jokes! I totally read all of Game of Thrones… I know exactly what’s about to happen next…

AMC xxx

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