Still not home …

Hello anonymous void that is the internet!

If you have ever read any of my blogs then you might know that I normally try to give you writing advice and things of the like. You may also know that, back in November last year, my house kind of got a little burnt. Yeah … We still have not been able to move home.

This is why there have been no posts in the past seven months. We have been hotel hoping (which is not fun with children) and now we are living in a house closer to my children’s school, but work has not even begun on our house.

So, this is mainly just a bitch post. 

I hate insurance companies. I don’t understand why they can’t just pull their fucking socks up and fix our damn house already! Anyway, Enough of that.

I got published! Yay!

So, my book Dead Bunnies Make All Eight Of Me Cry is an actual book, with a cover and pages and shit! Holy cow, right? (Insert shameless plug for own book right here: GET YOUR COPY TODAY!)

So, what is it like being a published author, you might want to know? Yeah, pretty much the same as being unpublished except for the fact that you are not just stressed about one agent or publisher liking your book baby. You are know completely anxious about the entire world and what they will think of your book baby.

Have I already done a blog post about marketing? If I have, I might have to go back and read it myself because I don’t remember a thing!

This is also something that I debate with myself. Is it really necessary for new authors to go crazy on marketing? Because if your book is good, then it will do well, right? Word of mouth is probably the best form of advertising, so if it is good people will tell others and eventually you will sell books. But I guess first you have to tell people about your book… 

These are the problems we face today as authors. No matter how you end up publishing. Whether it be through traditional or self-published or small indie publishers, we still have to take care of our own marketing. 

Anyway! I am open to themes you would like me to discuss on here again. I will try to post regularly, but at the moment there are no guarantees! #sorrynotsorry Or I will just utilize this space as a cheap form of therapy and come and vomit my emotions all over you once a week. I’ll leave that in the hands of the void.

AMC xxx

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