Writer’s Block

Hello void that is the internet!

Today I would like to discuss writer’s block. I have been suffering from this a lot lately which sucks because I used to be able to conquer this dreaded beast so easily. I am not just writing this post for you guys out there in the void, but also for me, to remind me of the things I used to do to help me get over it and move on!

Tips for making writer’s block your bitch.

  1. Keep writing. I know. I’m a dick saying this one. But this

    seems to be the best way to kick writer’s block in the nuts. So the gist of this is to just write anyway. Forget about what is worrying you (thoughts of not being good enough, the fight you just had with your significant other, not knowing exactly where your story is going, etc) and just write. Write anything. Because you know what? Your computer has a delete key and a backspace key. And you can use them. This is the thing that mostly gets me going. Because no one has to see what you have written if you don’t like it the next day. 

  2. Read a book. Or even listen to a book. Zoning out into another person’s world can often just help you to relax enough to stop worrying and keep that writing train chugging. Also it can spark ideas, keep you motivated (I want to be the next Stephen King! you say to yourself as you read his words.) and, let’s face it, most of us write because we love books. We don’t want reality. Reality is for shmucks. Get out of your head for a while and go relax.
  3. Plot. I hate fucking plotting. But it has really helped me when I get stuck so I make myself do it. It is harder to get stuck in a hole if you can see the entire road stretched out before you.
  4. Have a shower. Not because you stink (well maybe you do, depends how long your writing slump has been going for) but because “shower thinking” is a real thing. Research shows that when doing any monotonous task your prefrontal cortex relaxes and puts your brain into autopilot. This clears the pathways for new, creative ideas. This is the same for exercising.
  5. Exercise. Now I don’t mean that you should go join a gym (you can if you want but don’t say I told you to) but if you can go

    for a walk or do some yoga, something to get the blood moving, those endorphins going then that can be really beneficially to your writing. In the warmer months I would work out right before or right after writing time. Also, it is a good way to justify snacking while typing!

  6. Have a coffee. because reasons.
  7. Take a nap. see above.
  8. Google images. This is a weird one, but hear me out. Sometimes I like to see what I am writing, which can be difficult to find. But I go on Google images and I find pics that represent

    something in my story. I also set these pics as my wallpapers so I can sit and stare at them and get ideas.

  9. Use online plot generators. These can be helpful if you have zero ideas. but try to use them wisely. Remember that other people have also used the same things, so try to twist them a little. You can also do Brainstorming which I might discuss again in another blog.
  10. Change stories. Sometimes a story hasn’t fully revealed itself to you. Sometimes if you go away from it for a while and come back to it later you can see it with fresh eyes. Go write a short story or some poetry or start a new novel. The work isn’t going anywhere. So take a break.
Treat yourselves kindly. Writer’s block can suck hairy donkey balls, but just remember that it is only temporary. It will come back to you. The more you stress about it the worse it will get. 

AMC xxx

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