I’m home!

So… For those who don’t know, over a year ago I had a house fire. We have been moving around for the past 12 months and we are now… finally… back home! Halle-fucking-lujah!

This what my kitchen looked like and the rest of the house was not much fucking better. We did loose everything material, but we are all alive and healthy.

If you have ever moved house with children, then you will feel my pain. Trying to explain to your young child that ‘No, sorry, we can’t go home,’ or ‘Sorry honey, that toy is gone now,’ is heartbreaking.

When we set out to the first lot of family with only the clothes on our backs, we told the kids that we were going on an adventure. 

That was all we could tell them.

It was not a lie. The past 12 months has been an adventure, alright! One that has tested my family and marriage to the brink. Tested my resolve and drive to continue my career. I won’t lie, I have applied for a few jobs… I didn’t get any of them, but I was still looking and sending my resume out there.

Anyway, I have gone off topic. We are home!

This is my new kitchen (& me in my PJs looking psychotic). It is black like my soul, and I love it.

So, I am starting a new project… well, technically, I will be sharing a new project. I will be sharing with you, as of next week, the story I have been working on… which happens to be the prequel to the novel I am working on.

So, stay tuned. Keep writing/making art/doing what makes you happy!

Hugs AMC

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  1. What an amazing thing it says about you that you chose the word “adventure” to redirect your children’s interpretation of those awful events! May the adventure continue to grow in the direction you desire most…

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    1. It was such a tough time for us all and there was simply no other way to put it. I figured that putting some sort of positive spin on it would hopefully show them that just because we lost “everything” doesn’t mean we lost everything. We were so lucky. And I wouldn’t change our year long adventure at all. We moved around so much. It was a life changing experience for all of us. Thank you for your kind words. hugs xxx

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