Need to get my shit sorted

Just to give you an idea of how my brain is right now… I had to check how to spell February.
I slept in till 7am. Sleeping through both mine and my hubby’s alarms. Both of the children are snotty and sick. It is the day before Valentine’s day and I haven’t written in 4 days.
I know why I am stuck under this unholy leviathan known as writer’s block. It is because I am stressed the fuck out and it is hard to escape into worlds of your own making when you can’t keep your mind on one topic.
I will not beat myself up though.
This too shall pass.
Today I am meant to be starting my healthy eating again. Coffee and a cigarette is classed as a balanced breakfast, right?
I am also meant to be hoping back on the exercise train and the quit smoking train. LOL
Wish me luck at the florist today.
I hate Valentine’s day…
Hugs xxx

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