How to sell 1 million books on Kindle

Hello beautiful people of the void!

Today, I’m gonna tell you the secret to selling 1 million books on Kindle.

Are you ready?

Here it comes!

It’s a big fucking secret that I totally shouldn’t be telling you…

First, you have to write a book called “How to sell 1 million books on Kindle.” Then, you publish that shit and watch the money just roll in… look how many books there are in that search…

Us writerly folk are desperate, trusting and, sometimes, drunk, beautiful earth children. All we want is to share our art with the world and perhaps make a little money from it so we can eat more than once a week. So, we fall for this shit… too fucking often.

Save your money, you gorgeous, drunk creature and just go write. Save your money for a real book or advertising or a bottle of wine.

Stop feeding these arseholes… unless the book is written by Neil fucking Gaiman or someone of equivalent caliber, it’s bullshit.

I love you all. Go write something pretty… or bloody… your choice.

Hugs xxx

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