On Rejection – or The art of allowing a person to crush all your hopes and dreams.

I think this is something we all have in common. As writers, rejection and its ugly step-sister, criticism, play a part in our lives, but no one really prepares you for the crushing weight of the devastation that these evil twins dish out.

If you are going for the traditional publishing or the self-publishing route, either way, you will have to duel with these bitches at some point in your career, quite possibly all the way through.

I have broached this subject on my own blog once before, but because I had just raised my head from a bought of depression brought on by this exact thing, the subject was not really delved into. As I say on my blog, I couldn’t tell you how many times I have received rejection letters for my books or short stories. I have since also received bad reviews. And it doesn’t seem to matter how many good reviews you get for a story, it is always that one bad one that you remember.

To read the rest of this please go here to A. Renee Hunt’s website where I did this guest blog. Sorry… I know, I know… I’m horrible.

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  1. Great article. Not just the rant, but the practical suggestions. I’ve had my share of rejections and less than glittering reviews, and I don’t let it bother me anymore. I don’t like it, especially the snarky ones, but there are more good ones than horrible ones, and like you, I chalk it up to personal taste – something we have NO control over. I love your point that there is something that we DO have control over – the quality of our work. I second your list of must do’s. If we don’t take any shortcuts and make a point to put only our very best work out there, then there’s nothing to feel bad about. 😀

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    1. Yes! Personal taste is something we should always remind ourselves of when we get a bad review. Even Stephen King or Douglas Adams or any other great writer have un-fans. lol

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