Dear clothes manufacturers… A reblog from selliott16

Bahahahahahaha yes!

If there is a cute dress with pockets and a cute dress without and I can only buy one… I’m going for pockets every time. And I hate the pockets that barely fit a lipgloss in… because that’s all women need to carry, right? Their lipstick? A tampon? Heaven forbids, we need to carry a wallet or phone or anything substantial.

*Adelise twirls around like a child on a sugar-high, making her pretty dress (with functional pockets) flare out like a majestic tutu*

Dear clothes manufacturers, Hello, I’m a woman. I wear women’s clothes. I like skirts and trousers and pyjamas. I like to carry a handbag sure but I wear clothes. They keep me warm and they keep me covered, and they’re generally pretty comfortable. I would like to talk to you today about a few things. Please […]

via Dear Clothes Manufacturers… — alittlebutalot


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