Between Lost & Found – a short faerie tale

Hello my pretty little weirdos

Some of you may know (and some not) about my short story I have been posting on my blog, chapter by chapter – Between Lost & Found. I have recently just published the entire thin directly on Smashwords (and Barnes and Noble and iBooks and KOBO because Smashwords is awesome like that and just publishes your stuff there for you 🤘)

So, if you have been reading along and would like to know what happens to the girl and the beautiful dracorlla, Lady Kavain, please click here and download the ebook for free. If you haven’t been reading along then you are in luck because you don’t have to wait a week or two in between chapters!  Authors live off reviews so pretty please (with a cherry and whipped cream and fucking sprinkles and everything on top) leave an honest review.

Thank you to those who have already downloaded it! You are amazing and I love you all.

Hugs xxx


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