Query Hell and other terrible things

Hello my pretty little weirdos,

This post will mostly be writerly because, as most of you know, I am deep in query hell at the moment.

This is something every trad-pub writer must go through and it is fucking tough as a dead dog’s tits.  Even once you have been published, until you reach King level of sales, you still have to query your own agent with the next idea. It is madness. Necessary, grueling, soul-crushing, madness.

If you are a noobie writer and have not yet reached the point of the query letter, I would suggest researching and prepping the query letter now. It is just as much of an art form as the novel you are pouring your heart into.

Don’t even get me started on synopses. I want this post to not kill my soul completely.

So, if you too are at this part of your journey. Congrats! You have made it so far!

Think of the querying part of trad-publishing as the last obstacle on Ninja Warrior. It may look simple but it is in no way easy.

There is something that I have found that has helped. No. Sorry. There will be no quick fix her. No pearls of wisdom that will help you cope or win that agent or write a better letter. But this will cut your alcohol bill down and prevent any late night trips to go get ice cream and cookie dough because you need to eat the bad feelings that 20th rejection forced you to feel.

GGo to this site. Right now. Seriously… I’ll wait. Sign up. It is free. I mean you can pay for premium, but it is not necessary.

Query Tracker is awesome. It was one of those places that I had heard of but didn’t completely understand. Just trust me.

So it is basically a database of all the agents and publishers that you could ever want to send stuff to. It shows you the genre they are interested in, if they are open to submissions, what format they accept submissions in. But the best part about this is site is that you can actually have your own list. You add which agents you want to submit to, which ones you have submitted to, what project you have submitted to them, how long ago it was… so many things, trust me.

Just… go… do it.

I know I said “and other terrible things” but I think query letters are enough for one post and I have a novel to edit before work.

Hugs xxx

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  1. mariemclean says:

    I’m not up to query stage yet, but thanks for the ‘query tracker’ tip. I’ve never heard of it before but it’s now tucked away, ready to be retrieved when I’m a little further along the track. Thanks 🙏


    1. Yay! It is really great (they are not pating me to say this 🤣) and to go into querying hell with this as a tool will be heaps easier. Good luck hunny! xxx

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Paul Grignon says:

    Hi Adelise!

    Thank you for the link.I had forgotten about it, but since I’m going to the #WDC2017 in New York I think it’d be a grand idea to hone my queries.

    Great read above as well, and thank you for your comments about my blog.

    Take care,
    Paul 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re welcome, Paul. You wrote a great story!
      Query Tracker real is such a good tool.


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