Taxidermy + Animal + Fails

Hello my pretty little weirdos

Recently, I found this terrific thing. It’s called Google… no seriously. I Google image searched “Taxidermy Animal Fails”

Why would I do this, I hear some of you asking. Well, it is all Chuck Wendig‘s fault, for reasons that will become clear on the 28th of July.

This blog post will not be heart felt/serious or writerly or even clever. If you want something like that I would suggest the links that are attached to the words. I don’t need to explain. I’m sure you have interneted before and you know how links work.

This blog is simply going to be funny pictures with this quite long and link-infested prologue.

One more quick thing… I have done a little research on taxidermy and I understand that it is very difficult. It is an art form. So, these may very well be people’s first attempts and part of me feels guilty for laughing at them. But they are funny AF.

Hugs and Happy Monday xxx





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