Write a tiny tale

On Instagram I was tagged to write a tiny tale about the last person on my mind.

This will be a sad tale, unfortunately. And because I am currently doing my whole storytime thing on insta, I will post it in her…

It has no name. It does not need one for this tale has been told before… this love story is not special but it is mine…

Sometimes relationships are like a broken toy.
The people in it – two children sharing the toy.
Sometimes child one will crack the toy’s side.
Child two will cry.
“But it’s ok” says child one. “We can still play with it”
Then child two will break it a little.
Just a little.
Another crack in the toy’s side.
Child one will yell.
Child two will cry.
But it’s ok.
We can still play with it…
The years go by.
The children – grown.
And the toy becomes more cracked
The glossy paint has faded
Some parts
(Some of the best parts)
Have been lost long ago
And yet they keep playing
Now, it’s probably possible to get some glue for the cracks…
Some new paint…
And you never know when those lost pieces might show up
…Not impossible.
This toy though is a frigile thing.
A broken thing.
Maybe the children should just throw it away.
But do you remember the time we played with the toy here?
Maybe they should throw it away…
But do you remember?
Maybe they should…
But do you?
The years go by and the children still hold the toy together
It’s not much now
Just a jagged square of milky white nothing.
Faded so bad you can’t see what colour it was originally painted.
Their fingers hold the edges of what is left.
Holding so hard it cuts them.
Child two will cry
“But it’s ok” says child one. “We can still play with it”


One Comment Add yours

  1. Alex says:

    A very sad allegory. But very nice nonetheless . 🙂


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