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Hello, my pretty little weirdos I must admit, I didn’t know this was a thing. I am a total WordPress noob. I have been blogging for a while, but previously I was using Blogger. It was a good platform and all but when I had to get a WordPress account for and I started…

Like A Boss – guest blog by A. Renee Hunt

Hello, my pretty little weirdos!
Over the next few months, I will be posting, semi-regularly, some guest blogs from people that I absolutely love. These wonderful humans all have something to say and all are amazing. They are all a little bit weird too. Otherwise, I probably wouldn’t get along with them too well!
So, without any further, unnecessary dribble from me, here is the beautiful Book Blogger, Reviewer, Author and full-time goddess…
Hello! My name’s Alyssa, but I normally go by my pen name, A. Renee Hunt. This guest post, thanks to the lovely Adelise, is on my very first mistake when it comes to the wonderful world of publishing.
First, let me state that by no means do I consider myself a professional. It took me a long time to get to where I am today, and believe me- it’s not where I thought I’d be. I endured two major trials before taking my stand as an author today. I’m independent, I have total control and I’m can truly state: I’ve sold more books now than I have my entire career, which began five years ago! So what did I do? That’s number two…

“Take it, you fucking slut” – A blog on why we like what we shouldn’t like.

We shouldn’t like being tied up. We shouldn’t like being spanked or whipped. And it is not just sex stuff. If you are sitting there about to click out because you think this doesn’t apply to you, then you are wrong, my friend.
What about that last John Green or Jay Kristoff/Amie Kaufman or Jodi Picoult or Nicholas Sparks book that you just devoured? You shouldn’t enjoy the mental torture and devastation that those books put you through. Sobbing uncontrollably while you continue to turn those pages that inflict so much pain. But you love it, don’t you? You love the pain of those books so much that you’ll take it all in one night. You #bookslut you.

Searching For The Silent Lady – a kickarse, piratey adventure story…

So, I wrote The Silent Lady originally for a friend. It was her birthday and I was poor. She is a weirdo, like me, and has a thing for pirates. So, I thought I would write her a story about a little girl that doesn’t fit in and then she finds out she is actually a kind of pirate queen/demi-goddess. Because that is what we all secretly want to be, right? A take-no-prisoners, save-the-world, water-god kind of gal. Lol.

Dear clothes manufacturers… A reblog from selliott16

Bahahahahahaha yes! If there is a cute dress with pockets and a cute dress without and I can only buy one… I’m going for pockets every time. And I hate the pockets that barely fit a lipgloss in… because that’s all women need to carry, right? Their lipstick? A tampon? Heaven forbids, we need to…

Networking, making friends and connecting with other humans

Sometimes, I kinda feel like Ariel from the little mermaid (Disney, not the original. I don’t feel like swords are stabbing my feet and legs while I walk.) When she is sitting at the dinner table with Eric and she sees the fork and starts brushing her hair with it … yeah. That is how I feel most of the time. “human do this way, question mark?” As I do something wrong and awkwardly that normal people seem to pull off without a hitch.

#NGHW News Episode 139

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Hello, Addicts! This week was super interesting on the Next Great Horror Writer Contest. On the horrifying podcast there was a twist to what, I guess, most of us were expecting from this competition. This week’s challenge was to write a horror blog post. The non-fiction horror blogspot was judged…

Embracing Your Inner Weirdo #MondayBlogs #Writer @a_m_cullens

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One things I love about Instagram is how it enables you to connect with amazing creative people through the medium of photos. I am so grateful to Instagram as it has allowed me to meet the very talented Adelise M Cullens who describes herself as a ‘hugger,?writer, reader and lover of…

Colin Christian, body positivity and The Selfie Saturation

Hello my pretty little weirdos
Go on. Type into your social media search bar #selfie. I fucking dare you!
On the Insta alone are 300,147,557 (at the time I wrote the draft for this blog) posts with the selfie hashtag. Not to mention its offshoots – #selfies #selfiesunday #selfietime #selfiequeen #lookatmelookatme #IambeingbitchyIknow
Social media is saturated with pictures of ourselves. And while I too am guilty of taking the occasional selfie, I wonder if it is good for us and our body image. Press presents…Clockwork Wonderland.

Clockwork Wonderland contains stories from authors that see Wonderland as a place of horror where anything can happen and time runs amok. In this book, you’ll find tales of murderous clockworks, insane creations, serial killers, zombies, and a bloodthirsty jabberclocky. Prepare to see Wonderland as a place where all your worst nightmares come true. You…

LIFEL1K3 pitch

Originally posted on Jay Kristoff – Literary Giant:
Hello writer droogs, I often get asked if things get easier once you’re published, and if selling one book makes it easier to sell the next. Truth is, the answer is “yes and no”. Authors still need to pitch their next book to their publisher and hope…