Write a tiny tale

On Instagram I was tagged to write a tiny tale about the last person on my mind. This will be a sad tale, unfortunately. And because I am currently doing my whole storytime thing on insta, I will post it in her… It has no name. It does not need one for this tale has…

Tinfoil Swords – Chuck Wendig’s Flash Fic Challenge

I did it… but I’m not big on it. I have two different endings to the same story. I need to practice FF more, I think. But I will post it anyway because failures are just as important as successes. If you don’t know what the challenge was you can check it out here. Without…

Taxidermy + Animal + Fails

Hello my pretty little weirdos

Recently, I found this terrific thing. It’s called Google… no seriously. I Google image searched “Taxidermy Animal Fails” 

Why would I do this, I hear some of you asking. Well, it is all Chuck Wendig’s fault, for reasons that will become clear on the 28th of July. 

This blog post will not be heart felt/serious or writerly or even clever. If you want something like that I would suggest the links that are attached to the words. I don’t need to explain. I’m sure you have interneted before and you know how links work.

“One day” is a mythical time, as make-believe as Neverland or Hogwarts

I am super lucky. Not in a superstitious way, I’m not particularly good a guessing heads or tails at coin toss or win at the pokies, I mean lucky as in where I got to grow up. As most of you know, I am Aussie and unlike a lot of Aussie kids, I got the chance to grow up in Sydney when there was still actual bushland in Sydney.
I grew up in a little town called Kellyville. We lived on acreage and the most exciting thing around was a cow farm. Most of us had horses. We could walk in the bush for hours and not come into contact with anything man made, except perhaps a dumped car or rubbish. I know I don’t make it sound glamorous (the bush normally isn’t) but it was the best way to grow up.

Query Hell and other terrible things

This is something every trad-pub writer must go through and it is fucking tough as a dead dog’s tits.  Even once you have been published, until you reach King level of sales, you still have to query your own agent with the next idea. It is madness. Necessary, grueling, soul-crushing, madness.

Our Darkest Fears with Daccari Buchelli

Fears – everyone has them, though many of us try to deny them. They range from things that go bump in the night to the idea of our lives being directly threatened. Regardless, we’re all afraid, deep down. We’re all human.

#NGHW News Episode #140

Originally posted on HorrorAddicts.net:
? Hello, Addicts! How has everyone been during the break? Have you survived without us? Well, no need to fear, no need to fret, our fearsome fifteen and the horroraddicts.net team are back this week. Did you all enjoy Episode #140? It has been a little while so I will…


Originally posted on Jay Kristoff – Literary Giant:
? UK and Aus Droogs! You wonderful peeps have been very patient, and lo, that patience is about to be rewarded. At long last, thanks to amazing talents of Mr Kerby Rosanes and the amazing design crew at Harper Voyager UK/Aus, I get to reveal the UK/Aus…